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High-Quality Translations

The quality of translations by InterLations exceeds that of our competitors because we have taken the following measures:

Special Knowledge. Computer Science is becoming increasingly diverse and the international financial markets with their various accounting standards have never been easy to understand. For this reason, you should hire a specialist in Computer Science and International Finance if you want to ensure a seamless translation process.

For web translations we automatically translate all titles and image names of the HTML code. On request, we fit all links to your Web site. Text within graphics or scripts are no problem. We also leave the file format of your Web pages untouched, that is, we do not edit your HTML pages with unsuitable software such as Word.
This would have two disadvantages: 1. Formatting would be eliminated, and your files would be changed beyond recognition.
2. The size of your files would unnecessarily increase and later on cause performance problems when retrieved on the Internet.

In Finance we can handle the difficult expert terms. We know the differences between US-GAAP, IAS and HGB. Only the fact that we both translate and understand your texts ensures a correct result. On the volatile financial markets it is crucial that your announcements are flawless and many well-known customers who entrust us with their financial documents every year prove our skills in this area.
In addition we use time-consuming proprietary measures to guarantee the confidentiality of your texts - even though they are sent over the internet and seen by external translators. We are happy to provide details on request.

Manual Translations. Rather than employ expert translators, some competitors use software to do translations automatically. This is cheap and quick, but the result is simply unsuitable for external use.

 Four-Eyes Principle. Two highly qualified translators work on each text. This way, the risk of error is kept as low as possible.
 Expert Translators. We maintain a detailed database with information on translators all over the world. This is how we know exactly which translator is the right one for your special project. Our proprietary optimization software, "IL TransSearch SM," searches for the most qualified translator for each project based on carefully devised criteria. For example, one indispensable criterion is that the target language of the job is the native language of the translator. "IL TransSearch SM" learns from the experience of past jobs. The better we know your needs, the better we can do them justice.
 Glossary. For each client we create a glossary which contains the client's frequently used expressions. Thus a consistent quality-level and appearance is ensured for the translations. You can see that we are interested in working with you for a long time and not in making a quick profit.

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