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General Terms of Business

1. Terms of Delivery
The translated file(s) shall be delivered in the form of a Zip file as an email attachment over the Internet to the email address given to us.
2. Due Date for Delivery
The due date is extended by the time elapsed between the job quote and its acceptance. If a part payment is agreed upon, the agreed period in which the job is to be done begins as of the day on which the part payment is received by InterLations. InterLations endeavors to complete all jobs by their due date. We are not responsible for delays beyond our control.
3. Payment Terms
Outstanding payments are subject to a reminder fee and interest on arrears. Arrears are determined based on the delivery deadline plus the payment limit specified within the job quote. The reminder fee amounts to 5.00 USD, CAD, GBP or EUR. Interest on arrears is charged at the monthly rate of 1.5% of the sum which is still outstanding at the beginning of the month.
4. Withdrawal from the Contract
The client may withdraw from the contract or from a part of the contract, if InterLations has not yet substantially completed the work. In this case, the client shall pay a charge as compensation for the work already done by InterLations. The withdrawal charge shall be paid in proportion to the total fee according to the progress already made in the job. This charge shall be at least 25% of the total fee and at least 50 USD, CAD, GBP or EUR.
5. Additional Charges
In the following cases, additional charges shall be imposed: Changes in the file to be translated or reductions in the size of the job by the client after the job has been assigned shall incur a processing fee of at least 50 USD, CAD, GBP or EUR or an increase in the payment by an amount based on the proportion of the number of changed words to the total size of the job. The remarks in "Payment Terms," "Withdrawal from the Contract" and "Liability" remain in effect.
6. Review by the Client
After receiving the translation, the client shall review the work within 30 days and inform InterLations of any necessary changes or corrections. Within this time frame, InterLations shall correct any errors at no extra cost to the client.
7. Privacy
InterLations shall treat with confidentiality all knowledge and information which InterLations receives from clients in the context of a contract and which are designated as confidential. InterLations shall not publish such information or pass it on to outside third parties without explicit authorization by the client. The following is not considered private information in the sense of this section:
a) Information which is or will be made available to the public,
b) Terminological entries made by InterLations.com in a glossary for a translation job. Glossaries are the property of InterLations.
8. Property
The prepared translations become the property of the client after the translation fees have been fully paid. All necessary steps for the protection of the copyright, of a trademark or of other rights in the translation are at the discretion of the client and shall not be furnished by InterLations in the context of a job. Despite the previous remarks, InterLations has the right to retain copies of the produced translation and of the original text. Furthermore, the remarks in the "Privacy" section are in effect.
9. Liability
The client agrees to indemnify InterLations or assume InterLation's liability if InterLations suffers damages based on information, illustrations, reports, data or product specifications which were provided, prepared or approved by the client.
The liability of InterLations is limited to the agreed fees of the respective job.
10. Changes by Third Parties
InterLations assumes no liability for changes to the translation made by persons other than those authorized by InterLations.
11. Jurisdiction
All agreements and contracts come under the jurisdiction of Calgary, AB/Canada. They are subject to Canadian law.
12. Other
All changes and additions to these terms must be freely available in written form to both parties. These terms shall be a binding part of the contract. If individual remarks become void, the contract and all other terms remain valid.

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