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Are the prices reasonable and why?

Before we answer this question, you should make the following decision:

You need translations in order to communicate with your clients or your potential clients. How much is a professional impression and your good name worth to you? Or in other words: Are you really willing to accept lower quality for a small savings?

Compare your costs for translations to the prices of your other marketing activities, such as advertising, sales activities, brochures and spots on television and radio. Does it still pay to have a spare-time translator or a foreign temporary employee provide your Internet presence? Are you sure that an unknown but cheap translation company is so cheap for a reason other than inferior quality control?

If your answer is "no," then rest assured: InterLations offers a quality level you can rely on and we offer good quality for reasonable prices.

We already experienced how customers temporarily hired cheaper competitors. But translations are not commodities, there are huge quality differences. Therefore we were especially happy to see those customers come back after a short time.

You should also keep in mind that translations in the area of Finance and Computer Science are more expensive than standard translations because they require expert knowledge. Many translators offer their services in these areas in spite of lacking these skills. There are also many language pairs that are much cheaper than English-German. Therefore price comparisons are difficult. Quality comparisons after the work has been done are always very revealing.

Our goal is to have long-standing and satisfied customers. Therefore our prices reflect your quality needs.

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